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Games and Sports are an important and essential part of a person's life. Along with the study, Games, and Sports are also important. Hence, KVM Global School conducts various Games competitions and Sports.

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Along with the mental development of every person, physical development is also which

needs to be taken into consideration. Sports is an important part of a student’s life as well.

So, what is the importance of Sports and Games ?

  • Sports gives us a good exercise which makes us physically strong and increases our stamina and strength. Regular sports activities make us active and lead to good health.


  • Playing Games makes us aware of our environment i.e. Makes us mentally awake and increases our concentration power.

  • Various Games needs good strategies for a better performance and teamwork, so it increases our thinking ability and teaches us the power of teamwork and to find a way out of difficult situations.


  • Games and sports also need a lot of energy i.e. it makes us energetic.


  • Games and sports needs a lot of cooperation between the players. Hence it increases the cooperation with each other.


  • And at last, all of the games have their own rules and regulations which if not followed, leads to negative points. Hence, we can say that it teaches us the importance of following Rules in life.

Sports and Games are a lot beneficial in innumerable ways. These were the major

benefits we get from sports which makes up to its great importance.




For realizing the importance of sports in our KVM Global School is

providing remarkable facilities to sports persons. The area under our school play ground is 6858

square meter in which there are separate ground for playing Basket ball, Wrestling, Kabaddi, Boxing, Volley ball, Cricket, Atheleticsetc. The school has permanent well trained coaches for the above games. Every day, more than 300 sports persons of all these games, practice from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. The school provides training to the sports persons of all these games through the year under the guidance of well trained coaches. All the sports equipment's are provided without any cost to the sports person by our school.




Head of Department:-  Sh. Khushi Ram  Mob. No. 8198-960-000

      GAME                                   TRAINER

  1. Kabbadi                       Sh. Naresh Kumar                                   

  2. 2Boxing (Boys+Girls)  Sh. DevenderDhull

   3 Wrestling(boys)           Sh. Ajay (Jammu)

  1. Cricket (Boys+Girls)    Sh. Rambhaj Sharma

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