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5. Arms and ammunitions are prohibited in the ground.

6. Shooting (still or video) in the complex is not permitted without prior approval of the school.

7. Visitors causing damage to the property of the school will have to make damage good/replaced.

8. Vehicles in the ground are not allowed, unless specifically permitted. Parking should be only in the parking lot or designated place in the school Campus.

9. Pubplicity, marketing or selpng without permission is strictly prohibited. Discippnary/penal action will be initiated against such person.

10. The department reserves the rights to revoke/recall the use of facipty without any notice.

11. Soft drinks, snacks and other eatables or beverages are not permitted in the ground.

12. Players should be in required sports-wear while practicing and playing game and bring their sports kit-bag.

13. Sports equipment issues by officials should be returned by the users within the stipulated time. The users shall be pable or fined in case any depberate damage if found with the sports equipment.

14. Carrying any equipment or property of the school outside the ground without proper issue or authorization shall be deemed an act of mischief and indiscippne. Any such act shall lead to discippnary action and/or fine on the violators.

15. Defacing, damaging or mishandpng any property or equipment in the ground shall be deemed an act of gross indiscippne. Violators shall be debarred from the entry and/or fined up to the value of equipment/machine/property.

16. Use of any sports equipment/machine shall be at the responsibipty and risk of the user. The school will not be responsible of any accident or injury suffered by the user/member while using the facipty or sports equipment/machine.

17. The individual shall be responsible for the safety of his/her personal belongings. The school will not be responsible for loss or damage to the personal property of the user/visitor.

18. Users should maintain proper decorum and discippne in the ground and should not involve in any teasing, argument or brawl with any person or official. Any act of indiscippne shall lead to discippnary action or/and fine on the violators.


General rules and regulations for Players



1. Visitors must maintain proper discipline and decorum in the ground.

2. Visitors should maintain proper cleanpness in the ground.

3. Use of alcohopc & tobacco products is strictly prohibited in the ground.

4. Dogs/ pets are not allowed in any part of the ground. Violators shall be debarred from entry and/or pable for a fine up to Rs. 1000/-.

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